• Early registration will open from 10 Mar to 10 Apr 2019 on
  • Late registration will open from 11 April to 30 Jun 2019 on
  • Participation in the ACADEMIA class is open to students in four or five year’s universities and technical colleges.
  • School students are eligible to compete in JUNIOR class only and NOT eligible to compete in the ACADEMIA class.
  • Participation in the JUNIOR class is open to students in middle and high schools as well as students in home schools, after school programs, clubs, and community organizations of comparable grade levels.
  • Graduate students are NOT eligible to compete as student team members, but are welcome to serve as team mentors or lead instructors. Graduate students are encouraged to contribute to the team via advice and technical assistance.
  • For ACADEMIA and JUNIOR: There are no limitations about the number of participating teams per organization.
  • Number of members in each participated team must not less than 3 members and not exceed 10members.
  • Please write all data in English.
  • Please write the names as it will be printed in the certificates.

  • Fees:
    • 250 $ registration fees for Academia teams or 200$ in case of early birds.
    • 200 $ registration fees for Junior teams or 160$ in case of early birds.
    • 500 $ registration fees for Industry teams.

All Teams will be qualified from the regional competitions will Not pay international Registration fees.

  • Additional fees may be added according to the international venue (only for the international qualified teams).
  • Once team registered, they must pay their registration fees within a week from their registration date (before the registration deadline).
  • Payment method details will be sent to team leader after completing the registration form.
  • Registration or regional fees are not including any accommodation or catering for teams from Minesweepers competition.

Registration steps:

  1. Fill the team data form.
  2. Choose the payment method at the end of the team data form and submit.
  3. Follow the payment instruction received to the team leader email.
  4. Upload the receipt to this form.
  5. Waiting for a confirmation email from the organizing committee.

Note: You may start working on your robot during the registration steps and do not wait to the registration deadline.

Registration Is Open